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A note from Isabella Valentine:

After 7 beautiful years of maintaining my blog, I've decided to make the difficult step to make all previous entries private. The reasons for this are many. I'm not convinced people read this livejournal blog very much since very few people actually take the time to write comments (or those that do say they don't like the current setup). I know there are good-spirited, intelligent conversationalists out there, so I'd like to write for them rather than the internet at large. While I've developed a pretty thick defense to anonymous commenters, I've also grown quite protective of my image. There are unflattering images and entries that, while valuable at their present time, do nothing to add investment in my business or personal life. The woman who wrote here three years ago isn't the same person you see today. Same thing from five years ago. And most certainly 7 years ago. A lot can build a person over time, and to be honest, old entries serve no greater purpose than to give lurkers a cheap thrill.

Very soon, you can expect to see a brand new blog on that will contain detailed erotic hypnosis editorials and existential entries worth sitting down for a few minutes to read. More details to come at a later date. It will be far more exclusive, and my staff and I will have much more control over it. Essentially, a small fee be requested for those who wish to read future entries. My sincere hope is that in doing so, I'll have a safer, more sacred space to be creative in my writing. Although my blogging audience may be smaller, I suspect they'll be far more fun to interact with on so many levels. If I feel people are making a personal investment to read my personal blog, then I may be more inclined to make contents therein more valuable.

While the new blog is being created (check back around Valentine's Day), feel free to check my daily Twitter and personal Facebook entries! If you have any comments or questions, please send them to - it's the only truly reliable way to contact me.